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Building History

Minard Lafever’s Strong Place is rich in history, and new in interior design. Unique and beautiful on all levels, nestled along a quiet tree-lined landmarked street, it offers the Best of Everything, with a sense of European style living: something old, something new, something spectacular….waiting for you.

Welcome to the Landmark at 58 Strong Place. Cutting edge apartment design in an Historic Church.

Brooklyn is known as the city of churches, where the original architect Minard Lafever designed some of the most beautiful churches in America. Lafever, considered one of our most important nineteenth century architects, has been called the 'Christopher Wren of America'. He made his debut as a creator of pattern books, supplying plans for buildings and decorative patterns with titles such as Young Builder’s General Instructor in 1829,The Modern Builders Guide 1833, Beauties of Modern Architecture 1835, and posthumously in 1856, The Architectural Instructor. All of these works collectively influenced the spread of Greek and later Gothic Revival style in America.

Brooklyn Heights was one of the areas where his work was richly represented, and it is also where his first documented commission came, around 1834-35. Minard Lafever, a Unitarian by birth, would design for any denomination, as was the case with Strong Place Baptist Church, located between landmarked Degraw Street and Strong Place, an example of Early English Gothic Revival. This building, along with Packer Collegiate Institute on Joralemon Street, are all that are left of this great architect’s works in Brooklyn.